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BB2 Reunion is a minor alliance formed in BB5.


Little Cherrim


The alliance was officially formed in the beginning phase of the game, with NP and Celever trying to create a pretense of an alliance of top players of BB2 so that they could manipulate eachother.

Notable Moves

The alliance was mainly used for NP and LC, members of the Treehouse, and Celever, a member of the Anti-Alliance to scout each other. From this, the Treehouse learned of Celever's alliance with Nick, while Celever was made to believe LC and TE were attempting to run the game by playing two sides with a web of connections. The most notable move this led to was Celever giving the information to NP that he was planning to open his prize bag, leading the Treehouse to decide to open their bags in turn.


The alliance quickly broke down in Week 2, after LC revealed to Celever the strength of his alliance with TE and the existence of the Lads. From then on, LC and Celever continued to occasionally speak in the alliance chat, but were frequently mentioning to NP their lack of trust and plans to blindside one another, which culminated in Celever's backdoor in Week 2, ending the alliance.