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Appearance(s) BB4 (W7HOH), BB5 (W2POV), BB7 (W6HOH), BB12 (W2SS), BB14 (W8HOH + CB)

Avoider is a flash game competition in BB4, BB5, BB7, BB12 and BB14.

Concept and Rules

In Avoider, houseguests control their mouse in a small play area, avoiding their mouse from being caught by a small man using different attacks. These attacks include jumping from walls, firing bombs and homing rockets, and swinging pipes to catch the player's mouse.

Winning Placements

In BB4, Lorde had won the infamously difficult competition with a score of 1,827, the highest score submitted from the game so far in the series.

It was later brought back in Week 2 of BB5, in which FL earned her first competition in 3 seasons, much to the surprise of the rest of the house. This was also the first winning score submitted that was lower than the previous winning score for a competition.

In BB7, Jade won this competition with 2.2k points, taking the competition record and winning full control for the week!

In BB12, Senkun had to beat a score of 600 points to win since he was the only person to enter the Safety Suite that week. He succeeded in beating the benchmark score, winning the Safety Suite competition. He chose to name Hermes as his Plus One.

In BB14, Turtwig managed a score of 793, becoming the new HOH. In addition, Nyan scored highest of the current 4 jurors with 593, winning her way back into the house!