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You will all bet your scores. After this is done, you will then be given the chance to play the game. If you manage to beat the score you bet, your score in this competition will be the score you bet. However, if you fail to beat the score you bet, your score for this competition will be 0. The winner of this competition will thus be the player with the highest bet who managed to beat that bet (if everyone fails to beat their bet, the player who bet the lowest score will win the Power of Veto). - NinjaPenguin, BB8

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better is a minor twist introduced in BB8, and later returned in BB13.


AYCDICDB is a twist that involves the houseguests betting on how well they will do in a competition. If they fail to exceed their bet, their score will be 0. However, if they exceed their bet, their bet will be their score in the competition.

Effects on the Game

Other than the one competition the mechanic affects by forcing players to play for a set amount of time in 1 session, this didn't affect any other aspect of the game.

Player Reception

Houseguests thought it was an interesting mechanic, but not a very important one, as it was only important for the competition that it was being used for.