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The Épée of Times End is an advantage in BB5



The Épée of Times End had to be used during Week 5's Double Eviction Ceremony.


The Épée allows the user to pick one of the remaining nominated houseguests and instantly evict them. They would become the sixth player evicted and the fifth member of the jury. 


This advantage was earned by Jadethepokemontrainer for being the first person evicted at Week 5's strange Double Eviction. He was forced to decide on his own which remaining nominated houseguest would be evicted next. He had the choice between Little Cherrim and TOTAL_EPICNESS, and chose to evict LC.

Impact on the Game

The twist served to execute a new and unexpected way to orchestrate a Double Eviction Week. BB4, with the Massacre, started the trend of odd Double Eviction weeks. Unlike in the past, it wasn't officially revealed that it was a Double Eviction until Jade had the Épée in his possession, making this the first time a Double Eviction was not revealed at the beginning of the week or after the week's HOH.